Making Change Enjoyable

Fashioning the Lives of others

Our Mission- to cultivate our communities to enrich individual youth and adults with tools to make a social impact in today's world.

Transforming youth of all ages and adults to make a social impact in the lives of others. Youth and Adults, who learn at different paces, may feel doubtful, uncertain.  Here at Fashioned for Families, we empower to inspire self-confidence that will jump-start the journey to healthy living. The techniques implemented are to restore balance, purpose, courage them to produce the highest results.


Through innovative collaboration in the community, schools, churches, and families to inspire them to achieve their goals. Good works and deeds, shared experiences, support of others, group time-brings us closer to identifying one's goals. "Control is a fundamental issue for every successful person that requires incremental change, which usually is the result of arational analysis and planning process. Youth should have the desired goal with a specific set of steps for reaching it. Deep change efforts distort existing patterns of action and involve taking risks. Surrender Control- 

"Robert Quinn".

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