Contact Information for Services

  • ​Teen support - email:
  • Parents-
  • Bullying-
  • Juvenile Prevention/
  • Reconnect to Society-
  • Center

Support Group Services

  • Teen Parents 
  • ​LGBT
  • Parents
  • 4Bullying to Stop
  • Juvenile Prevention & Intervention
  • After-school through (DayCare-RLG)​ TBD
  • Kids Cafe- TBD
  • Tutoring Assistance

Work shops

  • Resume Preparation
  • Dress for Success
  • Interview Techniques
  • ​Job seeking skills
  • Preparing Application Documents
  • Finding & Responding to Job Openings

Other Communication Topics: 

  • Reconnect to Society (Released Offenders & Veterans)
  • Alcohol & Drug Support
  • Dealing with Technology
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Caring for Disable Children or Relatives

Fashioning the Lives of others

Support Groups Times 

1236 Jim Miller Rd

Dallas, Texas 75217

Phone: 214.704.2463

  • Teens & Teen Parents Support Groups:

                                      2nd Saturday of the Month * 12pm - 3pm

  • Parents Groups-Friday * 6pm-7pm

  • Bullying Support- Thursday * 6pm-7pm
  • Juvenile Prevention/Intervention Group - 6:45pm  - 8:45pm
  • Reconnect to Society- TBD

If locations and time changes, information will be listed on Website. You can also email or call.....

Fashion for Families Center- encourages youth to *stay in school * paricipate with mentors - to encourage learning and academic success for an awesome future and functional path * Continue to set high standards of integrity and excel to promote a healthy family relations, college and career goals. 

Participating in Support Groups allows youth from all differnce backgrounds to interact in group settings, share stories and build a circle of unity for support.

​It is easy for youth to get lost! in their day - to - day activities. With an increasing rise on Juvenile detention, virtually there is no where to go and just TALK about what they are EXPERIENCING!!!!! 

Take the first step toward success- Join our Support Group

Making Change Enjoyable