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Medical Consent Training - Free

- Protection/Medical Service/medical-consent-training.asp‚Äč

      "training in hrml format- Medical Consent Training for Caregivers

Psychotropic medication Training - Free

- Medication/

 Transportation Training- Cost $14 (Detail Guide- will be included)


               instructions: Enroll in course & take test

Trauma Informed Care - Free

Trauma Trainings - 

Start Health- Texas Health Steps - Superior Health Plan ( online training) link: - scroll Star Kids Orientation

Behavior Training- Rsponding to Challenging Infanrt Toddler Behavior- Free 2hrs

Positive Guidance and Discipline - $7.00 1hr

   - Care &subtitle=Guidance and Displicine

 SIDS, Shaken Baby, and Brain Development- Free

-, Shaken Bay, and Brain Development

Reporting Abuse - Free

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