Fashioning the Lives of others

Romekia's Resource Learning Center

offers 24- hour DayCare 

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Enjoy a Family of Learning

Become a Volunteer an impct in the community and youth we serve. it takes a variety of Volunteers with their many different skill sets, and backgrounds to make Fashioned for Families a success. Fashioned for Families hs an open doord attitude with an amazing team, who inspire others throguh sharing, compassion with hearts readyto serve.

      We have volunteer opportunties awaiting your unique talent or skill, Events, special projects, fundraisers, technology, and administrative.

Fashioned for Families mentors At-Risk youth and juveniles. This program is designed to intervene with youth who have experience uncertainities in their path such as: Gang Affiliation, Bullying, Teen Parenting, High school Drop Outs, Depression, Defiant Behavior, Drugs & Alcohol, and Academic failure.

       Throughout the year Fashioned for Families host community events and fundraisers to conenct families and engage in the community. Our Outreach events are to strengthen the unification of youth and families to relieve day to day burdens. These events provide an out of their normnal activities.

Help Nuture the...... 

Impact a Life and Make a Change!!!!!

Program that are offered therough the organziation needs Volunteers to help with the success and continuation of strengthening relationships that will last through out time. Leading or assisting with the many support services offered..........We Need You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making Change Enjoyable